Dear visitor,

I provide here some information regarding different topics, with which I deal professionally and semi-professionally respectively. Here you'll find a few articles, no more published books and (partial) results of my work. Besides that I keep here my list of publication up to date for the professional audience.

Who "I" is can be determined via the link About Oliver Müller at the horizontal menu on every page of this site.

What the site is can be gathered from the menu item About this site. There you'll find an explanation why, how and for what reason this site was built. A few background information about René Descartes and his statement "cogito ergo sum", which gave this site its name, can be found under this menu item, too.

Via the vertical menu at the left edge you'll reach the respective subjects.

I wish you that the provided information at this site might be useful to you and might stimulate to reflexion and experimenting. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Feedback, constructive critism, flattering laud and suggestions to improve this site are welcome.

Kind regards,
Oliver Müller


My professional web-site you will find at I would be glad to welcome you there.